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Set aside decisions on these matters until you are more centered. The subject of healing and caretaking seems prominent. You may feel obliged to care for a family member at the expense of yourself during this week. It is fortunate that this aspect is fairly short lived. By next week you will no longer be conflicted. ​A misunderstanding could develop between you and a close friend or family member. The blame game is useless. Do your best to unwind the thread to the point that it began and start fresh. It is possible that you will have a minor issue with a belly ache. Pipes, whether in your body or your house may need clearing. ​There may be a financial surprise as this week begins.

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This weekend asks us to address our habits, thinking, and beliefs about love.https://www.bustle.com/p/your-weekend-horoscope-for-love-september-15-16-2018-11923350 …

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